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304 Stainless Steel Tube Processing Which Will Appear In A Variety Of Problems
May 17, 2017

Any stainless steel plate will have a lot of problems in the process. Because a wide range of stainless steel products, today 304 stainless steel pipe processing problems arising in detail. In the process there may be cracks, scarring inclusions and sideline Scab Defect on the surface of 304 stainless steel tube, these defects generally is due to the casting billet arc subcutaneous corner of the transverse crack in the crystallizer, mixed with small impurities, not clean the stainless steel tube surface oxidation slag finishes, as well as in rolling processing in due to the slab edge surface of a stainless steel pipe roll. These defects not only reduce the surface quality of stainless steel tubes, but also have an impact on the improvement of product quality. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of preventing and dealing with the surface defects of 304 stainless steel tubes in time.

The slab surface has a deep scratch because the segment does not rotate the local roller caused, in order to prevent this from happening, should be timely for the segment maintenance, equipment prohibited overage service. If small impurities are mixed in the mold, the water quality will be changed, so water samples in the mold should be inspected periodically. Reduce the crack width weakening stainless steel plate edge to degree and wide plate rolling edge of inhomogeneous deformation, stretching amount of plate to reduce rolling plate is the best method, that is to say as far as possible with the wide end of the slab width of the steel plate production.

In order to prevent the corner temperature of the slab from entering the brittle zone during the bending process, the angular temperature of the billet with different width faces is controlled dynamically, and the water distribution control in the curved section is implemented. To reduce the uneven deformation of the workpiece, the deformation resistance difference between the upper and the lower parts of the workpiece must be reduced, and the optimization process of the slab heating will be carried out to reduce the temperature difference between the billet and the slab. To prevent the local deep burn mark and clean the two defects of the billet surface oxidation slag after cleaning, we need to improve the finishing ability of the 304 stainless steel tube billet.

In many of the stainless steel plate, since it has a lot of advantages of 304 stainless steel tube, and in use, not only widely used in general chemical equipment, food equipment and yard can industrial equipment and other industrial equipment, also occupies an important position in the field of some decoration. 304 stainless steel pipe processing process, there are generally three relatively common processing methods, respectively, oil grinding, wire drawing, dry grinding, wire drawing and 8K processing.

The main function is to make the oil mill drawing 304 stainless steel tube outer surface is smooth and beautiful, processing by drawing the oil mill, can fully reflect the 304 stainless steel decorative effect, so the processing method for application in home appliances, elevator and other decorative surface of 304 stainless steel pipe plays an important role. Most of the 304 series of cold-rolled stainless steel pipe in a matte EACP can achieve good results, and now some oily matte processing of cold rolling oil film effect almost also appeared in the market, this process can also improve the decorative performance of 304 stainless steel tube. Dry drawn wire is divided into filaments and short threads. Filaments are usually used for elevator decoration. Short wires are Kitchenware and various small household appliances are usually used.

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