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Classification Of Stainless Steel Fence
May 17, 2017

Fence according to the characteristics of production can be divided into two kinds. A welded wire mesh fence, the other is a chain link fence. These two kinds of fence are widely used in protection. The welded wire mesh guard bar is made by welding wire mesh machine after welding on wire, cold galvanized wire or hot galvanized wire, and then processed by bending, spraying or PVC. The utility model has the advantages of corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, effective protection and the like. Huangtongwang guardrail is by huangtongwang machine wire of various materials, including PVC wire, hot galvanized wire etc.. Hook up. The utility model has the advantages of strong shock resistance, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good protection and the like.

China's fence network is divided into: garden fence, rail fence network, bridge fence, highway guardrail, sports fence, airport fence and so on (very wide use).

According to the type and divided into: frame fence, triangular bending fence, bilateral wire fence, double lap fence, wavy fence, stadium fence, razor wire - fence, barbed wire fence, PVC coated wire fence and so on (various types).

Guardrail technology parameters: steel wire diameter 3.0--6.0mm, grid 50mm-150mm, steel pipe frame 25-60mm, column 48- 2000mm, height 1.6m-6m, column spacing 1.5m-4m. Advantages: beautiful, durable, non deformation, quick installation, wide vision, good protection performance. The utility model is an ideal metal net wall. The products are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zone, stadium, garden square of the place such as safety protection and decoration products and beautiful appearance, firmness, good corrosion resistance, is the first choice of products to beautify the city environment engineering. The utility model is suitable for mass production with the advantages of quick installation, little labor, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment.