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Different Stainless Steel Plates Are Used In Different Ways
May 17, 2017

Different stainless steel plates are used differently, so they are different in finished products. Today, let's introduce the typical use of 201 stainless steel bar:

Most of the use requirements are to maintain the original appearance of the building for a long time. In determining the type of stainless steel to be chosen, the main consideration is the aesthetic standards required, the corrosivity of the atmosphere in the area, and the cleaning system to be adopted.

However, other applications increasingly seek only structural integrity or watertightness. For example, the roof and side walls of industrial buildings. In these applications, the construction cost of the owner may be more important than the aesthetic, the surface is not very clean can also.

The use of 304 stainless steel in a dry indoor environment is quite effective. But in rural and urban areas, it is often necessary to wash them in order to keep them in the open. In the heavily polluted industrial and coastal areas, the surface can be very dirty and even rust. But to obtain the aesthetic effect of outdoor environment, it is necessary to use nickel stainless steel. Therefore, 304 stainless steel is widely used in curtain walls, side walls, roofs and other building applications, but in corrosive industrial or marine atmospheres, it is better to use 316 stainless steel.

Stainless steel sliding door

Now, the superiority of using stainless steel in structural applications has been fully recognized. There are several design criteria including 304 and 316 stainless steel. Because the duplex stainless steel 2205 combines good atmospheric corrosion resistance with high tensile strength and projectile strength, this is also included in the European guidelines.

Product shape

In fact, stainless steel is made from a wide range of standard metal shapes and sizes, and there are many special shapes. The most commonly used products are made of sheet metal and strip steel, and they also produce special products from slabs, such as hot-rolled structural steel and extruded structural steel. There are round, oval, square, rectangular and six angle welded pipe or seamless steel tube and other forms of products, including profiles, bars, wires and castings.