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How To Complete The Sealing Work After Installing The Stainless Steel Balustrade
Dec 08, 2018

After the embedded parts are positioned, the embedded iron plate embedded parts shall be installed, and the holes shall be punched according to the requirements. The diameter and depth of the holes shall be in accordance with the size of the mechanical bolts. After fixing the iron plates, the nuts shall be tightened, and then the railings shall be installed. Process, its process is more complex, including line positioning, drilling, steel plate positioning, steel frame cutting and grinding, drilling, steel shot rust paint treatment, field installation and size review, repair welding and welding Replenishing anti-rust paint, etc., every link has a construction science construction process, only every step is meticulous, can make the whole project smoothly connected, and finally reach a satisfactory level, then how to seal the stainless steel railing after installation carry out?

After the stainless steel railing is installed, the sealing work is the last step of the installation. The sealing work is done in a position, which makes the overall beauty stronger, more durable and longer, and the life is also longer. The installed glass should be sealed and the sealant should be The location of the glue is cleaned, and the glue is started after drying. It must be cleaned up, or it will not cause degumming. Before the glue is applied, the texture paper is applied, then the glue is glued, the glue seam is flattened and calendered, and there is no air bubble. Appeared, it must be strong to be strong, and finally the tearing of the textured paper is completed.

In the last link, we should be meticulous and do a perfect ending. If we think that this is a minor link, it is wrong. It is precisely the negligence of this link that may cause the instability of glass and the appearance of safety hazards, which affect the quality of the whole project. In the process of installation and processing, it must be handled with care to prevent the occurrence of various errors and safety problems.