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How To Position The Stainless Steel Column Armrest
Dec 10, 2018

For the positioning problem of installing stainless steel column handrails, many professionals will pay more attention to it. Seeing that some construction teams have no process of lofting, in fact, this is a process without positioning. Generally speaking, there will be certain deviations in the construction. Nowadays, some small construction teams in rural areas have problems with no lofting habits. Finally, problems caused by inaccurate position and large deviations are caused during construction. From the current stainless steel armrest positioning, we have a special explanation from the professional construction company. It is expected that the people involved in the relevant industries will have a clearer understanding of the method of positioning and the importance of positioning.

On the one hand, the overall effect of the house is actually very important. The positioning of the stainless steel column handrail is the same. If the stairs itself is only about one meter or two, when the installation is done, the positioning is not very accurate. If you do, the impact will be very serious. After that, after the construction is completed, it will show a very large deviation. In fact, a centimeter will make people feel a big gap. Secondly, we will also see that the beginning of the positioning of the stainless steel column armrest is a problem of lofting. And after we have determined the position and elevation of the stainless steel handrail according to the requirements of the drawing design, this positioning will become easier.

In the positioning of each position, we must make a mark. We do not recommend the single point positioning mode. Now we also see that many constructions are directly using chalk for single point positioning. In fact, it is also unreasonable. Positioning with two cross lines is the most reasonable. The position of the focus is the position of the center point. This point is that the deviation is also within two millimeters, and it will not affect the effect of the real problem at all. We will also see that after the positioning point is set, there is a center line. If all the positioning points of the column are connected, it is the center line of our last railing, and this line is basically the exact line of installation. It is.

Next, after positioning, you have to connect according to these locations. It is usually recommended to use a separate connection method, that is, either choose the bottom-up installation method or choose the top-down installation method. Don't change from the middle to the two or from the two sides to the middle, so there will be certain problems in the middle positioning. From the point of view of the current decoration, we should pay attention to the bending and cutting lines. From the perspective of the current specific installation, on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure more accurate in the positioning of the lofting, and in addition, when it is specific to the installation, do not cheaper the positioning line of your own positioning.