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Stainless Steel Balustrade Installation Process
Dec 09, 2018

 Stainless steel balustrade is a kind of hardware building material widely used in various industries in China. It has the advantages of strong impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance and strong weather resistance. With the continuous efforts of the manufacturers, this kind of railing has played a beautiful role in achieving safety, and has become the most common decoration material in homes, shopping malls, offices and other places. So what steps do you need to go through during installation?

1. Install the embedded line

Affected by a variety of factors, the current installation of embedded lines can only be used after the embedded method. The post-embedded method actually refers to the use of bolts and steel plates combined to make the embedded parts, the staff needs to first make the line on the construction site, the purpose is to determine the position of the pole. Once the position is determined, a professional drilling tool is required to align the position of the pole for drilling so that the rail can be mounted to the pole position. At the same time, the bolts must be fixed, and then the bolts and the poles are welded to avoid loosening.

2, put the line

There is an error in any project, and it is the same when embedding. When the staff determines the position of the pole, there will be deviations in the position of the pole due to various factors. Therefore, the step of releasing the line is very important. The line-off refers to further confirming the position distance. If it is found that there is a deviation, it needs to be corrected in time, and then the installation is performed after the correction.

3, install the pole

When installing the pole, the staff needs to cooperate with two people. A staff member lifts the pole to prevent positional deviation, while another worker uses a professional welding tool to align the pole for welding. At the same time, the welding specifications should be strictly observed when welding.

4, the installation of handrails and poles

When the pole is installed, the next step is to connect the armrest to the pole. At this point, the staff needs to pay attention to two points, one is to pay off the line, the other is welding. In order to make the stainless steel railing installation perfect, the line must be placed when the armrest is connected with the pole to ensure the same distance between the upper and lower distance and the left and right distance. When welding, it is necessary to cooperate with many people to prevent the armrest and the pole from moving, so that the distance between the armrest and the pole is greatly deviated.

5, polishing and polishing

When the railings and handrails are fully connected, the entire railing has been established and the final step is sanding and polishing. As we all know, the railing not only plays a role in safety, but also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, when the staff finishes the installation, it needs to be further polished to increase the brightness of the railing.