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Stainless Steel Pipe In The Storage Should Pay Attention To What The Problem
May 17, 2017

1, first of all, stainless steel pipe, in preservation, must avoid and corrosive chemicals put together, if leaked, it will be stainless steel pipe erosion and damage.

2 stainless steel tubes should also avoid prolonged immersion in water during storage. The corrosion of stainless steel is very slow, but it will affect quality if time is in contact with water. And the purpose of ventilation is to avoid the stainless steel tube in the humid air for a long time, can be ventilated in time, you can row the moisture. Of course, the rain should be done as much rain as possible.

Stainless steel tube has high strength, so it is usually by stacking. But in the stacking time also must follow some principles, otherwise there may cause the pipe damage, or for the inconvenience. The primary principle of stacked stainless steel tube is stable and safe. Stainless steel tube stacking below should do protection, is the best base on the shop made of wood, steel pipe to avoid direct contact with the ground, but can play a protective role, avoid long-term to each other so that the lower pipe deformation, but also to prevent ground water corrosion of steel pipe. Stainless steel tube stacking height should not be too high, otherwise it is easy to increase the risk, it is also easy to lower pipe form a greater pressure, resulting in deformation.