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Stainless Steel Plate Welding Need To Pay Attention To Some Of The Problems
May 17, 2017

In many of the metal material processing, processing of stainless steel plate mainly in cold rolling and cold drawing process, which is a kind of cold drawn pipe production process according to the different classification of the stainless steel plate, the other is a hot rolling tube. Most of the cold drawn steel tubes are made of 0.5-100T double chain or single chain type cold drawn machine, which is made by cold drawn by raw materials and tubes. The cold drawn steel tube includes alloy thin-wall steel tube, carbon cable thin-wall steel tube, anisotropic steel tube and stainless thin walled steel tube. In addition, divided into low and medium pressure boiler tube, steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, high-pressure boiler steel pipe, oil cracking tube, stainless steel pipe, thick wall pipe, machining pipe, small diameter and cold drawn tube etc.. Because of the process control, the length and caliber of the cold drawn steel tube are limited, but the surface quality and accuracy of the cold drawn tube are higher than that of the hot rolling tube.

The cold drawing process for stainless steel tube not only has little investment, simple equipment, but also is easy to operate and maintain. But the yield is not very high, the intermediate process is also very complicated. For seamless steel pipe wall and high precision seamless steel tube, cold rolling process is the best method, and cold compared to cold rolling process although large investment, high cost, and complex equipment, but in the process of operation can reduce a lot of unnecessary processes, but also can improve the surface precision and size, the yield of the product is very high. The finished product produced by cold rolling and cold drawing has the advantages of short processing cycle time and good quality of the stainless steel tube, and can produce high-quality finished products with less raw materials in the process of processing, thereby greatly reducing the waste of resources.

In stainless steel, 304 stainless steel tube is a common type of stainless steel materials, many processing plants, in the process may appear cracks, scarring inclusions and sideline Scab Defect on the surface of 304 stainless steel tube, these defects is roughly due to slab outside the arc corner of the subcutaneous transverse, mould there are mixed with small impurities, finishing without oxidizing slag clean the stainless steel tube surface, as well as in rolling processing caused by slab edges to the surface of a stainless steel tube roll.

These defects not only reduce the surface quality of stainless steel tubes, but also have an impact on the improvement of product quality. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of preventing and dealing with the surface defects of 304 stainless steel tubes in time.

The slab surface has a deep scratch because the segment does not rotate the local roller caused, in order to prevent this from happening, should be timely for the segment maintenance, equipment prohibited overage service. If small impurities are mixed in the mold, the water quality will be changed, so water samples in the mold should be inspected periodically. Reduce the crack width weakening stainless steel plate edge to degree and wide plate rolling edge of inhomogeneous deformation, stretching amount of plate to reduce rolling plate is the best method, that is to say as far as possible with the wide end of the slab width of the steel plate production.