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Stainless Steel Processing
Nov 20, 2018

Stainless steel processing technology Stainless steel processing refers to the process of cutting, folding, bending, welding and other stainless steel machining with stainless steel function, and finally obtaining the stainless steel finished products required for industrial production. In the process of stainless steel processing, it is necessary to use the amount of stainless steel. Machine tools, instruments, stainless steel processing equipment. The classification of stainless steel processing equipment is divided into shearing equipment and general processing equipment, and the shearing equipment is divided into open flat equipment and slitting equipment. In addition, from the thickness of stainless steel, there are points for cold and hot rolling processing equipment. Thermal cutting equipment mainly has plasma cutting, laser cutting, water cutting and the like. Stainless steel profile processing grade original surface: NO.1 Overview of heat treatment and pickling treatment after hot rolling. Generally used for cold-rolled materials, industrial tanks, chemical industry assembly, etc., thicker from 2.0MM-8.0MM. Blunt surface: NO.2D After cold rolling, after heat treatment and pickling, the material is soft and the surface is silvery white, which is used for deep drawing processing, such as automobile parts and water pipes. Matte: NO.2B After cold rolling, it is subjected to heat treatment, pickling, and finishing rolling to make the profile a moderately bright one. Because the profile is smooth and easy to re-grind, the profile is doubled and used, such as tableware and building materials. After the treatment with the improved mechanical function, it is almost enough to be effective. Coarse sand NO.3 A product ground with a 100-120 grinding belt. It has a better gloss and has a non-continuous rough grain. Used in building materials, electrical products and kitchen equipment. Fine sand: NO.4 A product ground with a grinding belt of size 150-180. It has better gloss, has unrelenting rough lines, and is thinner than NO.3. Used in mixed halls, decorative materials in building tables, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment. #320 The product was ground with a No. 320 grinding belt. It has a better gloss, has a non-continuous rough grain, and has a finer grain than NO.4. Used in mixed halls, decorative materials in building watches, electrical products, kitchen equipment and food equipment. HAIRLINE: HLNO.4 The continuous grinding of the appropriate size of the abrasive belt produces the product of the abrasive markings (subdivision 150-320). It is mainly used for building decoration, elevators, building doors, and steel pipes. Glossy: After cold rolling, BA is subjected to bright annealing and the product obtained is flattened. The gloss is excellent and has a high reflectivity.