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Stainless Steel Railing How To Choose
May 17, 2017

In the purchase or when the balcony guardrail stair guardrail, a lot of people looking at the general price or whether to provide installation and customer service service, do not go to see the railing is not suitable for them, but also without a clear idea of how to choose the railing. So how should choose suitable for railing? The following de James small stainless steel railing and share purchase experience.

Selection of stainless steel railings, first of all, we should know what the material of stainless steel railings?. Stainless steel railings generally have 201 materials and 304 materials, more high-end 316 material. Of course, domestic generally we are using 201 and 304 material based, 316 material staircase railings generally for foreign developed countries use standards, and the price is relatively high, generally domestic rarely used. 201 what are the differences between the stainless steel railings and the 304 material railings? We suggest that if the railings are installed indoors, 201 materials can be selected, while 304 of them will be used outdoors. Of course, this is not specified, you can choose according to your actual needs, because some projects will specify material.

Which material has better rust resistance? 304, the rust resistance of material is higher than that of 201, but the price is relatively high.

Stainless steel railings, in addition to the balcony, the staircase will also use stainless steel railings, then household staircase stainless steel railings to choose what kind of specifications?

The state has set the height of the handrail, usually from the ground to the stainless steel handrail, and the height of the face is controlled from 900mm to 1000mm. The finish height of the balcony railing is controlled from 1050mm to 1100mm. If the stairs or balcony has a water retaining part of the structure, you can properly reduce the custom specifications railings.