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Stainless Steel Sheet In The Longest Use Of Stainless Steel
May 17, 2017

With the widespread use of stainless steel sheets, we can see a lot of stainless steel products in our lives. Now the two most commonly used 304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate (316 1.4308,1.4408 or corresponding to Germany / Europe standard), 316 and 304 in the chemical composition of the main difference is 316 Mo, and generally accepted, 316 corrosion resistance was better than 304 in the high temperature environment is more resistant to corrosion. Therefore, in the high temperature environment, engineers generally choose 316 material parts. But the so-called thing no absolute, in the concentrated sulfuric acid environment, and then do not use 316 high temperature, or else this can be a big. Study of machinery has learned thread, remember to prevent thread seizure under the condition of high temperature solid lubricant, need to daub a black bar: molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), since it draws 2 conclusions not:

The quality of various types of stainless steel sheet has certain differences, so less material can be used according to chemical properties in different industries. The 304 stainless steel tube surface, has beautiful high corrosion resistance, not only widely used in general chemical equipment, food equipment and yard can industrial equipment and other industrial equipment, also occupies an important position in the field of some decoration. 304 stainless steel pipe processing process, there are generally three relatively common processing methods, respectively, oil grinding, wire drawing, dry grinding, wire drawing and 8K processing.

The main function is to make the oil mill drawing 304 stainless steel tube outer surface is smooth and beautiful, processing by drawing the oil mill, can fully reflect the 304 stainless steel decorative effect, so the processing method for application in home appliances, elevator and other decorative surface of 304 stainless steel pipe plays an important role. Most of the 304 series of cold-rolled stainless steel pipe in a matte EACP can achieve good results, and now some oily matte processing of cold rolling oil film effect almost also appeared in the market, this process can also improve the decorative performance of 304 stainless steel tube. Dry drawn wire is divided into filaments and short threads. Filaments are usually used for elevator decoration. Short wires are Kitchenware and various small household appliances are usually used.