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Stair Handrail Selection And Precautions
Dec 29, 2018

Stair railing is a stair part in the stairway that provides support and support for the up and down stairs. It is also one of the most connected stair parts to the human body. Therefore, the choice of stair railings should be considered from the perspective of the user. So how should the stair railings be chosen? What should I pay attention to when choosing stair railings?


First, the shape and size of the handrail: the handrail must give the user the control of the hand to feel comfortable, and the cross-section status, color, texture, etc. must meet the requirements of the form of beauty, and with the railing. Form a good decorative effect.

Second, stair railing materials: In recent years, with the development of technology, the material of the handrails has become more extensive, including wood, rubber, stainless steel, copper, plastic and slate. Wood, stainless steel and plastic are used in modern buildings.


Third, handrail design: In order to pursue the artistic effect of the characteristics, in the large staircase design of public places such as shopping malls and museums, the stair railings are often provided with light troughs underneath, and the lights are downwards, and the strips are arranged in coordination with the handrails. The long bright band, the light band changes with the turning or bending of the stairs, which provides people with illumination and special visual effects, making the stair effect and position more conspicuous.


Fourth, the use of handrails: the choice of stair rails must be based on the use of the nature and the specific circumstances of the home, such as children in the family should pay attention to the child's naughty, lively and potential threats, the elderly have to consider the elderly Action, etc.


The choice of stair railings depends on the situation and is further considered on the basis of safety and functionality.