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The Importance Of Guardrails In Major Cities
Nov 26, 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, private cars have become very popular, and today, traffic safety has become the biggest killer on the road, and the installation of guardrails has become the most practical defense!

   In most cases, the installation of highway guardrails has reduced the incidence of traffic accidents and the safety of residents' travels! Highway guardrails have become road guardrails. There are many types of road guardrails. They can be divided into flexible guardrails, semi-rigid guardrails and rigid guardrails according to their stiffness.

   A flexible guardrail generally refers to a tough guardrail structure with a large cushioning capacity. This is a structure in which a plurality of cables to which initial tension is applied are fixed to the pillars, and mainly rely on the tensile stress of the cable to absorb energy absorbed by the collision of the vehicle. The cable works in the elastic range and basically does not need to be replaced. This kind of guardrail is beautiful in appearance, and there is no pressure feeling when the vehicle is running, but the line of sight induction effect is poor.

   A semi-rigid guardrail generally refers to a continuous beam-column guardrail structure. This is a beam structure fixed with pillars, relying on the bending deformation and tension of the guardrail to resist the collision of the vehicle. Beam-type guardrails can be divided into W-shaped corrugated beam guardrails, pipe beam guardrails, box girder guardrails, etc. according to different structures. They all have a certain rigidity and toughness, absorb the collision energy through the deformation of the beam, the damaged parts are easy to replace, have a certain line of sight induction, and have a beautiful appearance.

   A rigid guardrail generally refers to a guardrail structure that is substantially non-deformable. This is a cement concrete wall structure with a certain section shape, which relies on car climbing, deformation and friction to absorb collision energy. The rigid guardrail does not deform during the collision, is hardly damaged, and the maintenance cost is very low, but it has a sense of oppression on the vehicle and easy to snow in the cold area.

   After the installation of the highway guardrail, the surface protective layer of the highway guardrail net and the railway guardrail net product is sprayed with zinc-rich epoxy powder and anti-ultraviolet polyester powder, and the secondary spray powder forms a "permanent" coating, and its anti-corrosion ability is other. The lacquer layer and the single-layer powder layer are several times to several tens of times, which are high-tech materials and are the most advanced high-end surface treatment technology in the world today. It has the characteristics of safety, reliability, decoration, super corrosion resistance, simplified installation, convenient transportation, maintenance-free, high strength, impact resistance, high safety and zero pollution. It has super UV resistance and ensures the product is in the product. Outdoors will not have rust, oxidation and other chemical reactions that affect the surface beauty and service life of the fence, eliminating the cumbersome maintenance in the future, and the new technology guardrail that meets environmental protection requirements.