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The Key To The Performance Of Stainless Steel Stairs
Nov 26, 2018

Stainless steel stairs have become more and more widely used in the home due to their good corrosion resistance, cleanliness and long service life. Both practicality and appreciation have received more attention.

First, the safety of stainless steel stairs

  The safety of the stainless steel staircase has a certain relationship with the specific column selected by the stairs, such as: single column spiral, large platform L shape, large arc type, relatively large frame L shape in the case of structural rationality and the same strength in all aspects. The safety of the large arc is better than that of the single column spiral.

  The main bone is the main section of the weight of the stairs, so the design requirements are very strict, and the small errors appearing in each detail may become the main problem that affects the connection of the stairs. The fixing method of the connection and the horizontal and vertical degrees are also very important. The splicing of the tread plate should be strictly carried out according to the process, the glue performance must be good, and the guardrail and the pedal connection must be stable. Only to ensure the safe and reasonable use of the stairs.

Second, the comfort of the stairs

  The safety of the stainless steel staircase is the biggest premise of normal use. Then walking is the biggest function of the stairs. When determining the slope of the stairs, it is necessary to conform to the people's walking habits. The first thing to consider is the comfort of walking. The steeper the slope, the worse the comfort. Safety will also be affected to some extent. The slope of the general stairs is between 20-45, and the steps are generally adapted to the size and stride of the human foot.

  In the same staircase, the height and height of the step should be designed to be regular, and there should be no multiple sizes in the same staircase. The height of the conventional stair step is slightly smaller than the width to maximize the comfort during walking.

Third, design rationality

  The stairs can be said to be the most conspicuous part of the home. Therefore, the choice of stairs should also be taken into consideration with the style of the house and the location of the installation. Under the premise of determining the design form of the main body, select the stair structure, pedals and guardrails that are appropriate for the room. In order to achieve the overall harmony of the decoration, to beautify the living room, the use of comfortable final results.