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What Is The Difference Between A Stainless Steel Tube And A Decorative Tube?
Jan 14, 2019

1. Different production processes, the general manufacturer's requirements for the workmanship of the decorative pipe are not so high, so the outer diameter of the decorative pipe has no outer diameter of the prop pipe, the angle of the decorative square pipe has no angle of the ad square pipe, and the thickness of the decorative pipe The control has no props, and the positive and negative tolerances are not as small as the props.

2. The quality of the raw materials is different. Generally, the stainless steel decorative pipe with excellent quality is J1 material and the prop pipe is made of J1 material. The difference of raw materials will cause different changes on the surface of the pipe. Good raw materials will not cause the props. Peeling or stomata appear on the surface, and the produced prop tube is polished to a 6K surface.

3. Different uses, general decorative tubes are used for railing handrails such as low-demand places, and props are generally used for high-quality display racks and some places where rounding is required, due to differences in raw materials, the softness of the tubes Differently, the softness of the props is stronger than that of the decorative tubes, so many customers who need to process the rounds like to use the props.