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What Is The Production Process Of Stainless Steel Pipe?
Jan 14, 2019

1. Waste pipe (tube blank):

The raw material of the stainless steel round billet used in the production is called a waste pipe.

2, cut the tube:

When the stainless steel pipe is produced, the head and tail should be cut off, including the cutting of the two ends of the waste pipe, the cutting of the intermediate product and the cutting of the finished product. Steel pipe scrap is produced when the steel pipe is cut.

3, pickling, degreasing:

The scale of the stainless steel tube surface is removed by high temperature heating to meet the requirements of the production of steel pipes and the requirements of finished products. The engineering acid is mixed (HNO3+HF).

4, inspection and grinding:

Inspect and repair the defects of the stainless steel seamless steel pipe to remove the unfavorable defects.

5, cold drawing (rolling):

The steel pipe is deformed to the required specifications, and the steel pipes of different specifications are subjected to acid washing and solution treatment in multiple passes.

6, solid solution:

The stainless steel seamless pipe undergoes metal work hardening after cold drawing (rolling). In order to eliminate work hardening and facilitate reprocessing, the solidified film is used to recover the broken crystal grains. At the same time, it also guarantees the mechanical properties of the finished steel pipe.

7, straightening:

The steel pipe after solid solution (annealing) is bent due to thermal deformation, and the steel pipe is straightened to meet the straightness standard of the steel pipe.

8. Lubrication:

Before the cold drawing process, the steel pipe does not directly generate friction between the steel pipe metal and the extruding die metal during the deformation process, so the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe are coated with a lubricant prepared by high-temperature nano-base grease + lime. To form a layer of isolation.